Meet Denise

Denise Galvez Turros is the youngest of three children whose parents fled Cuba at the beginning of Fidel Castro’s regime in 1959. As a child of political exiles and granddaughter of a political prisoner (who eventually died in that prison), Denise knows firsthand the importance of family, sacrifice, and hard work.

Fifteen years ago Denise saw a void in marketing opportunities for small and mid-sized companies in Miami, so she founded Go To Marketing (now known as GTMPR). Throughout her career as a small business owner, Denise has with many small businesses in her local community including owning her own Performance Arts Space in the City of Miami. While she has had the pleasure to work with many multinational corporations in her career, both on the client and agency side, it was always the small businesses that provided the most fulfillment.

While neither a politician nor a political strategist, Denise has always had a passion for government, civics, the Constitution, and the incredible liberties afforded by this great country. Denise has always felt a sense of debt to her community and especially to the country that welcomed her family and gave them the opportunity to work hard and achieve the American Dream. Denise has spent her entire adult life volunteering her time and resources to better her community whenever possible. She has been involved with many charities including Chapman Partnership, Nicklaus Children’s Foundation, Amigos for Kids, American Diabetes Association, Be a Santa to a Senior, Rebuilding Together, Live Like Bella, Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, Juggerknot Theatre Company, and Actors’ Playhouse, to name a few.

In 2016 Denise garnered national media attention through her political activism and by empowering South Florida Latinas to get involved in the American political process. Although work and politics keep Denise very busy, she makes sure to spend time with her family. You can find Denise at the local park, at the beach, or taking-in local live music with her husband, a teacher at Miami Senior High and local musician, or her favorite, riding bikes with her three children; Victoria, Luna and Juanqui.